Radiological Evaluation Of Avascular Necrosis Of Hip.

Dr Sarita Mirchandani, Dr Asutosh N Dave, Mr Jaival Dave, Dr Nishant Patel, Dr Mayank Kumar Patel, Dr Jaideep Jagani


Aims & Objectives: This study aims to evaluate radiological imaging spectrum of avascular necrosis of hip and to study advantages & limitations of different imaging modalities in its evaluation and classification.


Methods & Materials : The study was conducted during the study period from July 2018  to January  2019 at GCS Medical college after approval from institutional ethical committee. X-ray and MRI findings were done, reviewed  and analysed. 30 patients were included.


Results:  Out of 30 patients,8 showed changes of AVN by both Xray and MRI , whereas rest 20 patients shows replacement of normal architecture of the femoral head by sclerotic, distorted

trabecula, alternating areas of sclerosis & lucency , abnormal subchondral marrow signal intensity ,loss of joint space by MRI but were not recognized by Xray.  2 were normal or grade 0 AVN.

Conclusion. MRI provides information about extent of the necrotic process, soft tissue  involvement and allows assessment of lesion size and location and thus is investigation of choice for AVN. MRI has superior contrast resolution, excellent soft tissue delineation and lack of ionizing radiation.



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