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As part of habits or part of our living, one must always be indulging with exercise; instead of neglecting, it must be promote in ours & others day today life. Because there series of metabolic disease such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Thyroid diseases & Infertility can be prevented by promoting physical exercise.

Main cause of all these metabolic disorder is sedentary life style & food habits, after performing exercise on daily basis the same amount of calories can be able to burn. It is done by increasing BMR, improving blood circulation in all body parts & body organs, and formed by products; waste material or hidden toxins & waste material can be removed from our body.

As Ayurveda always says that prevention is better than cure, in Ayurveda’s objectives it suggest that, “swasthasy swastha rakshanam aaturasy vikaara prashamanam cha” which has been explained in Charak sutrasthana 30/26


It means restore the healthy state of life of healthy one, one who afflicted to any disease it can be treated by curative therapy by giving medicine. For restoring healthy state of life, there are several measures has been explained in Ayurveda, to perform physical exercise is the one of them.

So, by performing physical exercise one can really be preventing himself/herself from becoming the victim of many diseases.


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